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Orthodontics for Children (Two Staged Treatment)

In childhood orthodontic problems are usually delayed.

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Orthodontics for Children (Two Staged Treatment)

We recommend introducing with orthodontist should be about 6-7 years old. This period is called mixed dentition due to having both primary teeth and permanent teeth. Usually orthodontic treatment starts about 12 years old together with completion of permanent dentition, however, for some cases early intervention can be needed.

  • Early loss of primary teeth
  • Wrong swallowing position ( Moving the tongue to the front between teeth during swallowing),
  • Open bite,
  • When upper jaw is too narrow according to the lower jaw,
  • Reverse bites of teeth and jaws,
  • Not erupting or staying impacted of teeth due to lack of space,
  • Due to the protrusion of front teeth, prone to trauma and fraction,

Those are some of the situations that should be treated between the ages of 6-7. Treatment period is between 6 months- 1 year when started between those years.

Orthodontics for Children

The patient is followed until the 2. Molars erupt up to12 years old, after the treatment is performed during mixed dentition period.

After the 2. Molars complete their eruption around 12 years old the patient is evaluated again and if required 2. Stage of orthodontic treatment is started related with the whole oral structure.

The two staged treatment provides solution to some problems besides decreases the total treatment period with fixed treatment, and protects from the problems like decays and gum diseases due to orthodontic problems.