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Orthodontics Clinic

We serve for healthy teeth and beautiful smiles in Orthodontics Clinic Ataşehir and Orthodontics Clinic Gebze.


Your teeth is valuable for you and as well as for us. Various orthodontic treatment options increasing patient comfort and meeting aesthetic requirements are offered as a result of reflection of technological improvements to orthodontics.

Our aim is to provide to our patients :
  • a natural, aesthetic smile that is compatible with your face,
  • beautiful and long lasting teeth alignment,
  • functional occlusion,
  • healthy teeth and gingiva,
  • beautiful face aesthetic.

While planning orthodontic treatment, ethical values always should be considered and the treatment should include medical requirements. Diagnosis and planning is the most important part of the treatment. This plan is personal. Diagnosis and planning refers us to our goal. Treatment plan should be done considering the patients’ situation, requirements and expectations in the shortest time period as possible for obtaining the best outcome and orthodontic appliances should be selected properly to this aim. The most important thing is the harmony between the patients expectations and the treatment that will be applied by the doctor.

Orthodontist Dr Özgür Ufuk Demir and Orthodontist Dr Hande Biçeroğlu Demir are working full time in their own clinics Orthodontics Clinic Gebze and Orthodontics Clinic Ataşehir which are limited to orthodontics.