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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for the questions you wonder about Orthodontics.

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If your teeth positions are not proper and you concern about it, yes orthodontic treatment will be the most healthy method for you. If you are uncomfortable about the time period or metal appearance you can share this with your doctor. Orthodontic treatment doesn’t have to be performed with metal braces on front side of your teeth. If you care about your aesthetic appearance, porcelain braces, lingual orthodontics, Invisalign could be an alternative. Prothesis which are prepared in a short term period can cause a lifelong damage to your health.
Orthodontic treatment is a detailed treatment which recreates the chewing system. When compared to dental prothesis and implant treatments it is quite economical. Cost of the treatment is determined by the treatment plan, treatment period and the materials used.
By using the latest technology self-ligating braces, the treatment lasts shorter than 2 years. Related with the patients condition the treatment period can change between 1-3 years.
Orthodontic treatment is possible for every age as long as teeth and surrounding tissue is healthy.Following eruption of permanent teeth around 6-7 years, orthodontic examination by an orthodontist is required. Around 12- 13 years old is suitable for treatment but in some situations, it needs to be started earlier.
Treatment fee and cost depends on the treatment plan, time period of this treatment and the material used. Some of the treatments can be finalized only with orthodontics but some of them requires the other branches of dentistry with interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach and can add extra cost to orthodontic treatment. You can get informed about the average cost of the treatment during the first examination and introduction.
Pain sensation can vary between people. Some of the patients can feel sensitive during the first three days of treatment. This feeling can be controlled by using pain killers easily. Furthermore, related with the appliance which is used during the first week, lip and cheek irritations can occur. Orthodontic waxes can prevent this problem.
Changes between 4-6 weeks in average.In the beginning and the end of the treatment this interval can be more frequent.
On the appointment day, the patient is informed about the procedures which will be performed on this day then the procedure is performed. At the end of the session, the procedure which will be performed on the next session is recorded and after ensuring that the patient hasn’t got any problem, the session is completed. An appointment will last 15-20 minutes in average. The sessions including first bonding and removing of the braces lasts approximately 1 hour.
Orthodontic treatment can be applied to individuals having heathy gums and teeth. If gums are bleeding or tooth decays are present, the patient is referred to a dentist and the treatment onset is delayed until ensuring the oral care is appropriate.
Orthodontic treatment doesn’t make any harm to teeth. The treatment will continue without any problem in patients providing their oral care but for the neglecting patients gum bleeding and decay onset can occur.
If the appliances or wires are broken or damaged inside the mouth, you should call your doctor without passing any time.f the appliances or wires are broken or damaged inside the mouth, you should call your doctor without passing the time