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Stages of Orthodontic Treatment

You can find the stages and our work below for understanding the procedures which are performed in our clinic.

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» The First Examination - Introduction

The session of the first introduction and meeting. The patients’ main complaint is listened. General medical condition and oral health of the patient is evaluated. At this stage, general information is given to the patient about the treatment. The aim is determined and explained about which orthodontic device is suitable for the patient.

» Initial Records

Taking initial records is a must for performing the treatment of jaws and teeth in optimal conditions. The essentials of Othodontic treatment include; models obtained by impressions, photographs, panoramic and cephalometric x-rays are provided on the second stage. Without having those, it is not possible to make a proper treatment planning.

» Analysis, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

You never know what can you gain with the treatment unless you totally understood the problem. Models, photographs, panoramic and cephalometric x-rays are analyzed separately and the treatment plan which is suitable for the patient is selected as a result of those analysis.At this stage, if required computed tomography (CT) or MR images are provided. This plan is explained to the patient and therefore the started the treatment. In some cases which can not solved with only orthodontic treatment, dentistry and the other medical departments can be cooperated.

» Active Treatment Period

Orthodontic treatment can be performed for every age and generally completed in a single step. However, in some cases we have the chance to modify the jaw development so we can start the treatment in early period (age 8-9) and after a while from the first stage of treatment we can start the second stage treatment. For other cases that we can not modify the development of jaws and we need surgical adjustment teeth crowding is corrected following permanent tooth eruption and later on for the second stage treatment, the patient undergone a surgical jaw operation (orthognathic surgery) after the age of 18.

» Finalizing the Treatment and Results

After completing the active treatment period, for maintenance of the obtained situation passive treatment period starts. In this period, fixed retainers for the back of front teeth or removable retainers are used. Orthodontic Treatment is a very special and demanding kind of treatment. Even the period seems very long, successful results and happy smiles of the patients worth everything. Success of the treatment is shared among the orthodontist, the patient and dentist. The doctor can be successful up to some extent. If the patient is not following the rules and recommendations, not brushing his/her teeth, delaying appointments then the success rate unfortunately decreases.